The holiday season can bring up a lot of emotions for everyone. While the holidays might be associated with warmth and joy, it can also be a time that brings up feelings of stress and loneliness. Some ways in which we can help to manage our emotional experience as the holidays approach is to use strategies and skills that will decrease our vulnerability to distress. Some holiday season mental health care strategies can include things like prioritizing self-care and setting and maintaining limits, such as declining invitations or delegating tasks to others when feeling overwhelmed. It is important to uphold your own limits and when to accept or ask for support. 

When it comes to holiday season mental health care, it can be helpful to find ways to practice mindfulness, even in small ways, each day. This could be as simple as taking the time to explore an everyday task—such as drinking your morning coffee—using all your senses. Notice what sounds the coffee makes as you brew it, the coffee’s color, or how the warm mug feels in your hands. Give yourself permission take a few moments to be present and enjoy the smell and taste of the coffee as you start your day. Remember, it is okay to prioritize your own needs. Further, by taking a moment to recharge, you may have more energy and focus to give to others.