CBT California Patient Outcomes

Both six month and the standard twelve month DBT programs resulted in significant improvement of client symptoms related to depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and emotional dysregulation. The six month program may be particularly effective for clients with less severe symptoms, while the 12 month program appears effective for those with greater initial symptom severity.

Empirical Evidence of Effective Treatment for CBTC’s Adolescent DBT Program

Data Collected 2019 – 2022 from 60 Adolescent DBT Clients*

Teens enrolled in CBTC’s Adolescent DBT program experience significant improvements across the board in therapy outcomes over 6 months, and continue to experience improvement over time up through 12 months. These improvements include significant reductions in symptoms of depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, suicidal ideation and emotion dysregulation, as well as increases in well-being and flourishing. Many of the improvements In short? Our Adolescent DBT program works!

*There is some variation in the sample size for each measure due to missing data.