So often we find ourselves rushing, shifting from one task to another without fully paying attention to or completing any. Have you noticed yourself “skimming across the surface,” as Tara Brach calls it? When we are here, we are shallow, frazzled, avoiding. Perhaps there is the prospect of being less productive if we don’t keep our to-do list front and center. Maybe we don’t trust ourselves to attend to our worries if we let go of them for a bit. Perhaps we are avoiding the pain of the current moment. The truth is, the present moment is enough—painful enough, joyful enough, full enough—without adding onto it. But the DBT skill of one-mindfully can help.

Our lives may demand a juggling act at times. See if you might cut through the frenzy by granting yourself a pause today. The DBT skill of one-mindfully is about being completely present in just this moment by doing one thing at a time. Try to practice by catching yourself when you are rushing, and intentionally slow down, bringing all of your attention to doing just one thing. You may start by noticing your breath for 3 breath cycles before shifting from one task to another. Or, try observing all the experiences involved when you are driving, cooking, walking, emailing. Perhaps try leaving your phone in another room when with loved ones or in your bag when in the checkout line. In conversation, practice fully listening when listening. See if you might be more efficient, grounded and connected over time. – By Marget Thomas, PsyD

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