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COVID-19 Edition 

Our Clinic Has Gone 100% Virtual

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Research is Underway to Measure the Psychological Impacts of COVID-19 on                    our Patients


The Virtual Transition

Within 24 hours, our clinic made the prompt decision to shift our clinic to a completely virtual platform. DBT groups, individual sessions, intakes, and team meetings are now being held exclusively via Zoom and Vsee. With our PsychSurveys app which electronically captures our patients' diary card data, we have been able to make an almost seamless transition to protect the safety of our patients, staff, and community.

We are continuing to schedule intakes if you want to make a referral.


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In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the team at CBT California is working hard to continue delivering high-quality therapeutic services and stay connected to our clients and their families. Our hope is that we are able to provide the support and the tools that people need in the midst of what may be a challenging time for many. In addition to maintaining services, our staff will be posting regularly on our blog, offering tips and unique perspectives related to coping with this crisis. Feel free to read for yourself or send to a friend or a patient. We sincerely hope that it speaks to you in a meaningful way!


COVID-19 Blog: Holding All of the Things

I remember the moment it sunk in that the virus was here, was a true threat, and was something that would change all of my expectations of what the next few months would look like. I remember the cancellation of my next girls trip, of stagecoach (my favorite event of the year), and eventually the closure of the kids schools. I noticed feelings of intense sadness, loss, and dread about getting through the spring without these events that offset the normal stress of life. Then came the fear - the fear that I would bring this home to my asthmatic son or my immunocompromised mother -the fear that my spouse would be laid off – the fear of so many unknowns. My guess is that all of you can relate to these emotions and that you have experienced your own set of unique fears and losses already. Those feelings are TRUE. Those experiences are TRUE. And sometimes it feels as if ONLY those things are true. And yet so many other things are true. I also found out this month that I will get to be home with my kids and for the next two or so months they will have their parents, their two favorite people with them all day, every day. I see my son barging into our bedroom every morning with the joy of Saturdays in bed with mom and dad, every day. I see my daughter striving each day to invent or perform, or help us in a way that makes us proud. I notice that I don’t have urges to spend money or watch TV and that instead I prioritize meaningful connection with others - whether it be in the cul de sac social distancing parties with neighbors, on a group zoom with friends, or on FaceTime dinners with my mom. And then I notice the fear that I or someone close to me may die. I notice the shame I feel when I snap at my children. I notice the guilt of eating 12 Robin Eggs instead of coping more effectively with my stress. And then I hold it all. My kids bring me joy AND they drive me nuts. This is incredibly scary AND it has forced me to narrow in on what matters most, which I am grateful for. I want to reserve resources to make sure my family is taken care of AND I want to be generous and promote kindness toward others. All of these things are true. So, I’m holding all the things. I don’t have to tell my self not to be scared and instead to be grateful. I can be both. I don’t have to get rid of my frustrations to love my children. I can hold both. And so can you. You can hold all the things. And as a result, we can gain freedom from self-judgment, from should and shouldnts, and from the shame that comes from telling yourself you are feeling or experiencing the wrong thing. We access the joy while we are in pain, the laughter while we are in fear, and love while we are angry. Your challenge: see how many truths you can find, how many experiences you can validate, and hold them all at the same time.

-Julie Orris, Psy.D.

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