CBT California's March Newsletter


CBT California Postdoctoral Fellow Spotlight:

Dr. Erica Rozmid, Ph.D. is an experienced clinician with clinical, research, and academic backgrounds at Stanford University, New York University (NYU), Kaiser Permanente, Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center, and the Gronowski Center.

At New York University (NYU) Child Study Center, Dr. Rozmid specialized in Organizational Skills Training (OST) for individuals with ADHD and was trained by one of the leading Psychologists in the treatment of Selective Mutism and Anxiety disorders. Along with her dedication to the academic pursuits, Dr. Rozmid can be found outside playing with her animals, skiing, or rock climbing.

Dr. Rozmid sees children, adolescents, and adults at our Beverly Hills and Orange County offices. She also specializes in CBT and DBT.

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Words from Wise Mind:

Spring is Upon Us

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, and soon we will have more sunshine as Daylight savings will being on March 8th.  There is somewhat of a dialectic between winter and spring. In winter months (on the east coast), the trees lose their leaves and become bare. The plants appear as though they've died but then in spring, there is a resurgence of life. When you suddenly see a speck of green growing from the ground, it feels as though within hours that Spring has sprung. 

As we all are heading into Spring, consider the dialectic that has felt most obvious for you since the beginning of 2020. What is the kernel of truth in both extremes and how can you begin to walk the middle path?

Mindfulness Script:

5-Minute Spring Awakening

For us at CBTC, we have pretty much enjoyed 72-degree weather all Winter long, but that is not the case for all. For those that are itching to get outside, here are two great 5-minute mindfulness practice to consciously live in the present moment. 

1. Flower Arranging: Arranging and re-arranging flowers is a great opportunity to use the "how" and "what" skills of mindfulness, while also promoting a self-soothing activity to boost your mood. Buy or pick flowers and arrange them in a vase- focus of the sight, smell, and textures of the flowers as you arrange them. You can rearrange the flowers, as necessary.

2. Mindfulness in a Garden: Gardens during the Springtime boast with bright colors and flower-filled aromas throughout the air. Take a friend, or venture by yourself to a garden or park nearby. You can sit on the lawn and practice a brief breathing exercise.

What's Trending? 

Psychology in the News 

What if social media could help identify mental health concerns among its users? As of February 2020, Snapchat introduced "Here for You", a feature that will provide in-app resources for users who may be experiencing mental health distress.


Books Worth Reading

From the Creators of DBT & CBASP

Dr. Marsha Linehan published her memoir in January 2020 where she recounts how she went from a popular student to suicidal teenager and how she went on to develop the ground-breaking therapy, DBT. 


You can purchase the book off of Amazon here:


Dr. James P. McCullough, Jr., created Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP) in the early 1980s to treat chronic depression. 

Dr. McCullough’s sixth book, his memoir, was published in 2019 with Dorrance Publishing Company: Swimming Upstream: A Story about Becoming Human. You can purchase his book here:

Purchase the book here: http://bookstore.dorrancepublishing.com/swimming-upstream/

CBT California in the Community

CBT Summit 

On February 26, Dr. Rachel Fried presented a half-day training of Cognitive Processing Therapy to the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health.

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