Nicole Davis, B.A.

Psychology Extern


Nicole Davis received her BA with a major in Political Science and a minor in Business at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Following her undergraduate studies, she had a 12-year career as a professional athlete. Upon completion of her athletic career, Nicole worked with Fortune 500 companies providing mental performance coaching to executives, under the mentorship of a local Sports Psychologist specializing in high performance domains. At the moment, Nicole is pursuing her PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. Her doctoral training has included a rotation at the Behavioral Health Center in Alhambra in the Intensive Outpatient Program, facilitating individual and group therapy for adults suffering with chronic and persistent mental illness. Nicole’s research interests include the utilization of brief mindfulness interventions as a protective factor for cognitive resilience among high stress occupations. At the individual level, she is interested in what allows people to thrive under adverse conditions.