How To Refer

If you have clients who would benefit from our services, please have them contact our intake line at 800.624.1475.

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Our expert staff is available for in-service trainings, grand rounds, workshops and professional consultation on difficult cases. CBT California is an approved provider of APA continuing education credits.  Trainings at CBTC are offered periodically on a number of topics related to CBT, ACT, CBASP and DBT. For more information on trainings and workshops offered, please join our mailing list or visit Training Opportunities.

Our Intake Process

When potential patients contact the intake line, they will be able to ask any relevant questions and schedule their initial appointment with one of our highly trained clinicians. During the initial appointment, the clinician will conduct a clinical and diagnostic assessment to identify an appropriate course of treatment that best fits the patient’s clinical needs and goals. If Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is deemed to be the most appropriate form of treatment for the patient’s presentation, the clinician and patient will complete four pretreatment sessions focused on orienting the client to the treatment model, introducing parts of treatment necessary to success, and acquiring the patient’s commitment to engage in treatment for an identified length of time. We want our patients to be informed consumers of the treatment they are engaging in. The assessment process is essential to treatment success and helping the patient understand their course of treatment and individual needs.

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