CBTC Family/Payor Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am paying for treatment for my loved one. How does payment work?

    Your provider will discuss the length and plan for treatment at onset. Some of our patients will only be involved in individual therapy, while others will be engaged in both individual therapy and group skills training. Individual therapy is paid at the time of session, and the tuition for group skills class is paid per module (8 weeks) in advance. Like tuition for most courses, payment is non-refundable for skills training. Credit Card billing agreements are signed once per treatment cycle. If someone other than the patient is paying for treatment, a release of information for billing issues is required. Missed sessions are billed at the session rate and are not reimbursable by insurance. For more information regarding payment structure for our DBT programs, please visit DBT California.

  • Do you take insurance?

    We are an out-of-network provider for insurance, and are unable to accept insurance as a direct form of payment. However, many of our clients do get reimbursed by their insurance providers (please check with your company for information regarding rates and reimbursement). Upon request, we are happy to provide monthly statements to submit to insurance, as well as health care spending accounts.

  • What if there is a crisis? Who should I call? Are
    you a 24 hour service?

    If you or your loved one are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, do not wait to speak to us, call 911 immediately. Although we want to be available to our DBT patients for coaching, we are not a 24 hour service, nor do we supply formal emergency services. Again, if this is a life threatening emergency, CALL 911. Otherwise, it is best if you encourage your loved one to call for coaching themselves. It may also be advisable to contact your loved one’s psychiatrist, if s/he has one. Each therapist will develop a crisis plan for their patient to cover times when they are unavailable.

  • What about missed sessions?

    We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for individual sessions. Missed sessions are not eligible for reimbursement by insurance companies and will be reflected as a missed session on billing statements. If a patient misses four individual sessions in a row or four group sessions in a row, s/he will no longer be in our program and is considered to have dropped out. Patients who drop out are not eligible to return to treatment with us for half the length of the agreed-upon treatment contract.

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